Hyde mobile website design.

Innovative, privacy-driven customer insights


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Brand Language
Website Concept

Hyde is a privacy-driven, consumer application that permits data monetisation while simultaneously providing next-gen customer insight. Being in its infancy, Hyde didn't have a logo design or brand to speak of, and this needed to change to grow the brand and take it to the next level.

Led by the brand strategy I developed with the team at Hyde, I created a minimalist logo design that references the data that Hyde works with. The negative space in the centre of the icon houses an uppercase 'H'. While being a playful nod to the verb 'hide', it also symbolises the process of multiple sources coming together to form a bigger picture, with Hyde at the heart of it.

Following the logo design, I visualised how the branding could expand into various brand materials. The logo design lends itself to physically growing and building a network of lines that can interact with other graphics, such as photography, illustrations and text.

Hyde logo design, brand purple on an aqua background.
Hyde branded stationery. A5 notebook using Hyde colour palette and lanyard design for in-person events.
Clearance area for the Hyde icon design, based on the height of the icon.
External building signage using the Hyde logo design.
Hyde iPhone app icon design on the home screen.
Large, landscape advert design for Hyde using the brand visual language.

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