UND branded storefront, using the logo design on the signage and brand pattern on the windows.

Branding fashion for inspiring true expression


Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Marketing Materials
Social Media Assets
Visual Brand Language
Brand Guidelines

Launching a new fashion business, Tye, the founder of UND (full name being "UNDECIDED"), got in touch for help with the branding. The brief from the get-go was to create something clean and modern.

The brand strategy phase paved the way forward, resulting in a beautifully simple wordmark. The logo design encapsulates the sense of inclusivity and support that is important to the brand and its target market.

I extended the branding across various communications, creating a suite of consistent brand materials. The "Thank You" card, included with every UND purchase, features a unique typographic style, which can adapt and expand into other areas, such as the "Open" sign for high street stores. The brand pattern is a useful creative asset that can feature across a multitude of branded applications and tie the whole brand together.

The brand guidelines document I created for UND compiles all the important information that anyone needs to know about implementing the UND branding. This can be used internally but also shared with external contractors to communicate the brand effectively and consistently.

Logo design for UND, an inclusive fashion brand. Black type on a light grey background.
UND branded 'thank you' postcard that comes with every purchase.
UND branded apparel - a canvas over-the-shoulder bag with the UND brand pattern.
UND branded street signage displaying store opening times.
A selection of pages from the UND Brand Guidelines, showcasing brand values, logo usage, visual language, fonts, brand stationery and various applications.
Branded clothing label for UND using the logo design.

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